What is success?

 Success means different thing to different people.

There are different definition and perspective for what success means.

 For some success means actualization of dream and worthwhile goal while some being fame and having power means success

 In these modern days anything requires finance.

 Some see success from financial viewpoint ignoring altogether health, human relationship, happiness and relationship with God.

 Accomplishments of worthwhile goal seem to be determinant of success because the individual that achieve this seems to be more accomplished than other people.

 Finance: In the world where money is the means of exchange .while having money to solve basic needs is important and contributes to success and happiness.

 Wealth and money does not guarantee happiness and success.

 Many wealthy people have attest to this fact.


 Many people believe that being popular and known means success.

 However what happens when fame fades.


While people believe that  having power means success because you can actually use it to get what you want.

 But does that this guarantee success.

 Happiness- though some people see that as being successful but others belief that they cannot be happy without money to meet basic needs.

 While the above factors above cannot be ignored when discussing what is success.

 The development of the mind is important to actually  understanding what is success.



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