People are talented, gifted;are born successful.

What do you think? Let us start with analyzing the mind. Human mind is one of the amazing things God has given to each one of us.

So why does some people  seem more successful than others.

Research is on-going on the differentiation of the mind and brain.

The mind is more of “Spiritual” and intangible trait than physical trait.

The brain is a physical. That is why the mind powers the brain.

Some computers or A.I has been able to imitate the brain but not the mind for the mind encompasses spiritual and ethical traits.

Is one of the world’s mysteries?



Mind is the power house of imagination, emotional and rational processing and directs action and attitude.


The mind is not physical unlike the human brain. It involves emotion and reasoning.

The mind is so powerful because it  is the power house of  spiritual ,logical and ethical traits.

Computer and Artificial intelligent cannot imitate it.

That is what makes it so powerful than any available artificial intelligence because it draws its powers from different facet.

The power of the mind is not magnify by work alone

Power also consists of thinking ability, creative initiative and action directed towards achievement of objective.


The mind is so powerful that if others want to even destroy others, they can be influenced by “mind control”.

MIND is different from the brain for the fact that the brain is physical and mind is intangible


One of the greatest mysteries of science is how the mind interacts with the physical brain and how it affects the brain and human mechanism.

The mind which directs human behavior is influenced by experience and environmental factors. Some of the qualities are innate and inherent



Character and beliefs can be changed if the mind is influenced through education and development.

-How human mind works is still a mystery for researchers in the way it relates to music and different languages, Judgment, ethics (good and bad).

-No wonder the destruction of any human starts with mind influencer.

-Education can make the mind very powerful and improve the reasoning ability.


Core and real behavioral changes start from the mind.

That is why organization uses education and development to influence the mind of their workers towards the achievement of organizational goal.


Many believe that miracles and other extraordinary things happen due to the power of the mind.


Experts in psychology have recommended positive thinking, repetition, motivation and visualization.


Though some of the recommendations seem to be true.

However, we need to guide our mind in order to focus on the reality, not on the myth that all our dreams translate into reality.


The belief that all that we visualize and our belief system is true (what we believe and think) even without real education and harmonization with reality is erroneous.


But the bible account clearly make it clear that we reap what we sow in different areas of life.

 If we feed our mind with wrong things we get bad consequences

 Just as there are correlation ship between pornography and inordinate sexual urge.


Does hard work alone account for the success we see today?


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