The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore is in charge of collection and enforcement of taxes in Singapore.


-Personal Income tax and corporation taxes

-No capital gain tax

-stamp duty

-Property taxes.

A. Corporate taxes

corporate profit < or = 300,000SGD is 8.5%

corporate profit >300,000SGD is 17%


C.WHT on interest ,royalties, fees etc. for non-residence.

D. Personal income tax rate

1st 20,000 0%

next 10,000 2%

next 10,000 3.5%

next 40,000 7%

next 40,000 11.5%

next 40,000 15%

next 40,000 18%

next 40,000 19%

next 40,000 19.5%

next 40,000 20%

next above 320,000 22%

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