Jesse Livermore was  a great speculative wall street stock investors of all time. He amass great wealth due to fortune he made.

It was a well known fact  that he live a  luxurious and rich life style due to his fortune.

But Jesse Livermore tragically took his life after the loss of his wealth due stock market loss.

Also take example of the great gamblers over the years 

After they must have made more than a million dollar after few years it  was observed  that they went bankrupt.

Through out  history it is a proven fact that overnight riches or get rich scheme all collapse and does not build sustainable wealth

 It took many great company years to reach were they are presently.

OVERNIGHT BILLIONAIRE REAL BILLIONNAIRE will highlights some of these qualities  of real billionnaire and overnight billionnaire 

-Real billionnaire start early while overnight billionnaire are waiting for miracle and chance.

-Real billionnaire invest for the long term and pay low capital gain tax during disposal  overnight investors invest less than a year and pay high  taxes.

-Real billionnaire fail in a strategic way to come back tomorrow while overnight billionnaire fail without applying risk management strategy.

-Real billionnaire starts small while overnight want to get result instantly. 

-Real billionnaire learn from nature such as ant and prepare for the bad days while overnight billionnaire squander everything they have

-Real billionnaire engage tax and financial advisers while overnight billionnaire engage in guess work.

-Real billionnaire involve in value investment that will give return over the years . Overnight billionnaire involve in speculative investment and expect returns in minutes; they involve in speculative forex,stock, crypto for speculative while real billionnaire invest for value creation and diversification and risk management.

-overnight billionnaire dispose investment for merriment alone while real billionnaire dispose investment for reinvestment and take advantage of tax gain and use little for other important things like merriment with family.

-Overnight billionnaire defraud people, family friend etc to make money.Real billionnaire know that there are other valuable things like spirituality

-Overnight billionaire lacks planning and strategy; sees everything in the world as chance.

Real billionnaire takes constructive step to affect his life 

-overnight billionnaire leaves debt as inheritance for family while real billionnaire leaves wealth as inheritance for family.

-Real billionnaire know that bad things happen and diversity.

-Real billionaire understand the law of nature and know good things need work ; overnight billionaire believe that good things are easy to get and relying on gambling and get quick reach scheme syndrome.

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