Investment has been a very difficult profession and is a complex profession just like engineering profession. Although we may see it from a simple perspective. Many have made terrible mistake leaving their investment decision to chance without taking the pain to benchmark what their investment return in comparism with market return. Do not always believe that regulatory framework will stop pension Manager to underperform or mismanage Pension fund. Do not wait until you  are old to start learning about investment. This book looks at top investment strategy for good investment .It looks at these three pillars of investment in these three area -SAFETY -REASONABLE RETURN -RISK. The truth is that professional investor will not act on your best interest if there is no congruence between your goal and theirs. with the modern economy making aging people more vulnerable , government debt rising every day and children overwhelm with the reality of life. It become more necessary that parents should plan for their old age and be more deterministic in their pension value. A lot of people are more judgmental about riches and money. And by doing so have wrong perspective about riches. They see riches as morally wrong. looking on the issue moraly. Is how riches is made and expend is what determine whether is right or wrong. Do you know the richest personality in the Universe? The richest person in the Universe is God. He embedded gold, diamond , crude oil in the universe and organized mathematical laws that many high achiever ,big tech company and biotechnology companies has exploited.




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