Book Summary: What Will Be the Career of the Future?


In “What Will Be the Career of the Future?”, the author delves into the evolving landscape of employment in the age of rapid technological advancement. The book addresses common doubts and explores the potential for software, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics to replace various job roles across different sectors.

Key Themes

  1. Technological Replacement of Jobs:
  • Automation of Driving: The skepticism surrounding autonomous vehicles is dispelled, illustrating how self-driving cars have become a reality. Major car manufacturers are increasingly adopting automated driving technologies.
  • Medical Innovations: The book discusses the potential for robots to perform complex surgeries. Advances in neural network technology and AI are paving the way for robotic surgeons to be licensed by medical regulatory bodies.
  1. Broad Impact of AI and Robotics:
  • Technical and Non-Technical Roles: While some believe robots cannot undertake deep reasoning or manage intricate effects, ongoing research suggests otherwise. AI is becoming capable of handling more sophisticated tasks that were previously considered too complex for machines.
  • Extended Human Lifespan: The potential for bio-technological software to significantly extend human life is examined. This includes advancements in medical technology and personalized healthcare driven by AI.
  1. Future Innovations and Their Implications:
  • Continuous Innovation: The book argues that innovation is a never-ending process. It challenges the reader to rethink the limits of AI and robotics, emphasizing their growing influence in various industries.
  • Institutional Transformation: The transformation of institutions such as police and finance through robotics is discussed. The author imagines a future where these sectors are managed by AI-powered systems.
  • Personalized Living: The possibility of robotic microbes programming human sleep patterns is presented as a futuristic concept that could enhance personal well-being.

Thought-Provoking Questions

The author poses several questions to engage readers in contemplating the future of AI and robotics:

  • Can software replace highly technical jobs?
  • Is it possible for AI to exhibit deep reasoning and perform complex tasks?
  • Will human life be extended significantly through technological advancements?
  • How will institutions and daily life be transformed by robotics?


“What Will Be the Career of the Future?” is a forward-looking exploration of how AI and robotics are poised to reshape the workforce. It encourages readers to consider the profound changes that technological advancements could bring to various aspects of life and work. The book serves as a guide for those curious about the potential future careers and the role of innovation in shaping them.

A.CHAPTER 1:The Careers of the Future: Embracing AI, Robotics, and Intelligent Software