Search out for five highly capitalized companies in the world. They innovate. In all profession in the world innovation occur.
They innovate or improve on the existing knowledge or process.
Ecclesiastics 3:11NWT
‘He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has even put eternity in their heart; yet mankind
will never find out the work that the true God has made from start to finish’
Even if we live for eternity. We will not discover all the prospects that God has created just as we
cannot know the end of numbers.
The human brain has immense capability. The power of the brain is superior to any available
computer. And can retain almost ‘everything’.
God created the universe with infinite prospect and potentials and has matched the brain with
limitless potential to explore the physical world.
Just as the holy book rightly pointed out. We cannot explore all the potential of the universe even
if we leave forever.
In our previous science book; we were told that there were nine planets but science has discovered
that there are more planets that we could imagine.
We were also informed that the energy that the sun produce in a second can power the earth for
more than one billion years but the power of this physical universe that God created is more than
what human at present has evaluated.
So how can we tap from this amazing potential of the universe? This could be done by innovation
and creativity.
Area in which innovation can be applied?
Today is ‘A’ search engine, tomorrow is ‘G’ technology.  Innovation in technology will never end. 
The more we find out the physical laws of the universe. The more we see better ways of doing things. 
·       Innovation in applied mathematics and technology is never ending because of the laws of mathematics.
We were informed that in the future technology will take over most activities done by human. 
This we can see in the area of robotics technology where robot perform most of the activities done by men. 
Improvement in applied mathematics and technology is never ending as the law of nature is there and constant. The opportunity lies for human to search for it and used it to improve their lives. 
This has been applied in the area of storage technology. 
Also artificial intelligence is being employed to improve present technology due to the limitation of machine.
·       Innovation in medicine and Agriculture. 
Understanding the law of biology and human mechanism.
Searching for a system and biological products that will be used to improve human lives. 
This can be seen in the area of stem cells and cloning. 
Here science has shown evidence that damaged human organ can be reproduce to replace or repair the original organ. 
Artificial microbes can be injected to fight deadly bacteria and virus. 
Understanding biological makeup can also help in developing better drugs and health system. 
Thus can help in the area of robotic technology. 
Innovation in agriculture can help in better food etc. 
*Innovation in finance and accounting-the law of sowing and reaping. – We can see this principle in investment strategy adopted.
Example is annuity investment, fund investment strategy, portfolio analysis.
·       Innovation in marketing and business.
Innovating better ways to market business product and services will bring success.
Developing the right marketing strategy and system that will increase revenue and also reduce cost also requires innovation.
Looking for an improved business system that will bring efficient and effective business strategy.
Artificial intelligence
This is the branch of technology that tries to mimic human reasoning ability. This is the future.
   Science has done a lot of work in these area.
    Especially in the area stated below.
-voice recognition
-face recognition
-language translation and interpretation.
-Mathematical solution.
-Self driving cars and bicycles.
-financial reporting software.
-Software engineering.
-financial modelling.
Those that ignore the impact of A.I and the way is going to affect the future of their business will fare badly.
However, no matter the impact of A.I and computer in the world today.
There is no match to human brain ability. Even the best of A.I
Cannot operate without human monitoring.
    We can look at innovation in these summarised key words
a.    Technology.
It can assist to do work that might take years to be done in minutes even in seconds. 
Therefore, we should look for the best technology that will assist in doing work in our business faster and smarter. 
It has been projected that technology is going to take over human jobs in the nearest future.
We can see this in the area of artificial intelligence. Which is trying to imitate human in performance and speed.
b.    Research.
As we can see in the first items. There is no end to new findings.
To be on the top position you must research on new methods, idea and solution.
c. Researching into nature and creation to see how the information gotten can be used to improve human lives and existing technology.
d. Creativity –The management needs to be creative in solving business problem.
How can innovation occur?
Experience has shown that innovation occur through the following areas. 
-improving an existing process. 
-Difficult and Extreme circumstance in life.
In conclusion the following points have to be emphasised.
·       The key is innovation and research. 
·       We can also see this in positive and negative way. As we can see this in the following. 
·       Development of new virus and anti- virus in information technology companies. 
·       Always strive to see new and better ways of doing things in your business. 
·       There is no end on what we can discover. 
·       The way things are done changes so quick in the world. 

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