“Faith” is something that cannot be explained by physical laws or visible immediate evidence.


 Many have become successful because of faith not only hard work.

Some entrepreneur has persevered when there is no progress or evidence supporting their success.

This is inexplicable phenomena.

Faith should be directed towards supreme power to be real.

We have heard about Abraham the father of faith.

This is what keeps some going when everything is shattering.

Faith goes with work not vice-versa.

Imagine the inventor not having faith that his goal will be achieved. How will this be achieved?


Faith is an incomparable quality.

Faith defies verifiable evidence.

Imagine someone believing that he can fly like a bird without the aid of wing.

Someone will say that this is impossible.

Faith is not mental inadequacy.

It is built in previous evidence which is believed in the future could be accomplished.

Faith has been shown to be main reason for success.

Some use different name for faith –trust, hope and optimism.

Faith goes with miracle.

Miracle occur when what seems impossible occur.

Most modern invention that has not occurred before can look like miracle for some people in interior villages.

Most scientific breakthrough is a ‘miracle’. There is no way that somebody working that hard for so long cannot achieve result without faith.


For faith to be complete it must be directed to the God of the Bible.


Some people direct their faith to the unknown.

However consider the fact below as a reason to always direct your faith to the God of the Bible.

·       Babylon ruins:

Babylon ruins close to Iraq evidence of many years of prophesy a today’s reality. It was prophesized that it will be destroyed and will not be inhabited. Babylon lies desolate today just as prophesized by the Bible. This is strong evidence existing today. 


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