Knowledge is power!!!!!!!

Education and research is a way to find out “gold and diamond” God has embedded in the universe.

Ignorance can lead to death. Just as ignorance about the law is not an excuse.


When the medical profession has not been developed some death has been attributed to witchcraft, gods and bad people.


Education empowers humans to do the abnormal. From civil engineering; art to medical sciences.

Many Big and successful organization has embedded education and continuous development in their programme to empower people.


Education is a powerful tool.

The best country in the world has the best educational system and research system.

The best military system has the best educational and research system.

Education involves research and which is a tool to find unknown fact or knowledge.


Education and development in form of research is only way to conquer the world.

Some people mistakenly believe that education can be acquired only in the formal sector.

The truth is that education can be acquired by anyone who wants to learn.

Though human has some form of innate ability which makes them different from animal.


This ability needs to be developed through education and be directed to meaningful pursuit.


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