Efforts made to get a good tax consultant will not be in vain. Getting a good tax consultant can make a big difference.
-‘ know that whether you get a good tax consultant or a bad tax accountant’  you are still responsible for the content of your tax returns.
You should be involved.
How do I get a good tax consultant?
A tax consultant who is knowledgeable in both tax laws and accounting skills can be of great benefit to you.
You can get a good tax consultant through-
-And checking out credentials and experience
What can tax consultants do for you?
-They can see how you can benefit from favorable tax provisions. In some countries the government might want to encourage savings, they can
exempt income saved from taxes, likewise health insurance and others.

 -They can apply tax law in your tax calculation which you might misapply.

-They can help you avoid tax penalties by beating filing deadlines.

        -They can use your tax documentation to support the ‘legal tax’ position taken.

-They can deploy a legal tax strategy that can help you minimize your taxes.

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